About Me

You made yourself here. Probably after thinking, “who the hell runs this site?” Fair question. I’m Becky. And I replaced my love for tutus (see below) with all things that I deem “holistic healing.” Au naturel, baby.

In this blog, I cover:

  • intermittent fasting
  • the incredible healing power of plants
  • natural health hacks backed by science

I’ve been plant-based for 20+ years. So, my suggestions are plant-powered. But I am not here to convert you. You do you. I’m just a massive fan of plants. In my opinion, they are mystical beings on Earth — here to help us heal and grow. And I like to share their superpowers with people.

That’s why I share my experiences (and dare I say hard-won wisdom?) on this blog. I also love to nerd out on the science. If any of these topics interest you, subscribe to my email list! I’d love to have you.

Lastly, and this is important: please consult a doctor before doing any of the stuff that I recommend.